Champ de Cour

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Moulin à Vent "Champ de Cour"


The slopes of Champ de Cour lie just alongside the Carquelin vineyard and face south. The granitic sand soils are even richer and deeper - the granite bedrock lies at a depth of 80-150cm.


Picked and sorted by hand, then mainly de-stemmed, the grapes macerate slowly over the course of three or four weeks. Indigenous yeasts are used throughout the fermentation period, and extraction by means of both plunging and pumping over takes place on a regular basis.

Winemaking and bottling

The wines are aged in our historic cellar for 10 months, a period spent in oak barrels, both old and new. The oak used to make the barrels comes from the forests of Alliers, the Limousin and the Nivernais.

Tasting / Food pairing

'Champ de Cour' shows great depth as well as a broad tannic structure, without ever losing their characteristically appealing fruit (redcurrants, raspberries). This help it to stand up to strongly flavoured dishes.


The wine needs two or three years to reach its harmony, and can then age comfortably for several decades.


The rainiest winter in 60 years allowed the water tables to replenish which will become salutary later in the season.
A dry and sunny spring will give birth to the first flowers at the end of May. From the 13 of June drought and record temperatures will establish and last until the harvest time. These extreme conditions pushed us to harvest on the 30th of August. Maturity of the grapes was perfect. The high temperature implied to harvest at the earliest hours and allocate quickly our resources to pick at the right time for each parcel. The resulting wines are still fresh and balanced with deep colour and a generous complexity.

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