Marc de Bourgogne




The official appellation « Marc de Bourgogne » is only produced in Burgundy.


Château des Jacques is one of the few domains which makes wine from destemmed grapes. This Marc de Bourgogne is therefore rather unique also because it is made from the famous Beaujolais black Gamay grape with white juice.


After the alcoholic fermentation, grapes are pressed. The juice is used to produce wine and the solid part composed of grapes skins is distilled once. This alcohol is called « Marc de Bourgogne ».

Winemaking and bottling

Ageing in oak barrels.

Tasting / Food pairing

Shiny amber colour with some golden reflections. After almost 20 years of aging in oak barrels, this old marc develops very complex and unique aromas : vanilla, brioche, apricot and raisins. The mouth is a combination of power and silkyness.


At the time, this was the earliest vintage in 30 years. It began with a dry winter, followed by a warm, sunny spring with regular periods of rainfall. June and July were notable, too, for their mild temperatures and regular showers. August, on the other hand, was marked by high temperatures. Harvest, which began on 4 September, took place in conditions that were similar to those at the height of summer, with not a single drop of rain.
The perfect ripeness of the grapes led to the creation of wines that are both concentrated and full-bodied, all of which is suggestive of a vintage that will age well.